Winning Souls for the Kingdom

WSFTK Youth Dream Center/ phase 2
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Our Pastors at WSFTK,is determine to make a difference in the Region,God has given them a vision,on Jan 9th 2017,we lost a jewel,Lt Debra Clayton,of orlando,she was gunned down in the line of duty,she was an active,and faithful member of wsftk,on the Thursdays before she went home to be with the Lord,I Apostle Bradley recieved a call from Sis. Debra,as normal she was finishing a day of work,she had some concerns in her heart a out the youth in a certain community,and was asking my advice of how she could reach out to them,as we were talking she said to me Apostle,if i could just give them a Safe Haven,i said a What!! she replied,just a place where tbey can Dream again,i said yeah,that would be nice,she said a lot of these kids want better but just need a jump start,it wasnt until the day before her funeral that the conversation came back to me,after speaking to our Bishop,and church leaders a out what God had laid on my heart,we decided that our Phase 2 of wsftk will be a Youth dream center,in her honor( in loving memory of LT debra we are trusting God for tbe vision to Come to past.
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